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3 décembre 2015 4 03 /12 /décembre /2015 17:36
Rojava: the fight against Daech involves the struggle against imperialism!

Version française ici / French version here.


The revolutionary process in Rojava (“Syrian” Kurdistan) has won victory after victory against the fascist forces of Daech. It is a historical example which is playing a unifying role in the international struggle of the peoples. Many individuals and organizations from different countries have come to fight and defend the Rojava Revolution.


The MLKP launched an appeal several months ago to join the fighters and combatants unified in the YPG (People’s Defense Forces). The International Liberation Brigade was thus formed with the participation of anarchists, communists and revolutionaries from Turkey, Kurdistan, Caucasus, Greece, Germany, Spain, Armenia, …


Maoist Comrades of the TIKKO (Workers and Peasants Liberation Army of Turkey) linked to the TKP/ML also participate. Many other combatants are participating the in YPG, including many communists from France, Italy, the USA, Argentina, … In the statement of formation of the Brigade,the historical examples are clear:

“Rojava is today: What was yesterday the Paris Commune besieged by Germany, Madrid in the Spanish Civil War, Stalingrad during the Second World War.”


Democratic revolution and national liberation in Rojava has changed the balance of power of this region. This revolution is also the revolution of women, against the patriarchal and reactionary world.



The imperialist powers sow war and cause misery, exploitation and oppression around the world to ensure their rate of profit. They fuel internal conflicts to create chaos by using ethnic, religious, economic and military difference, to carry out interventions to seize power, raw materials and control of strategic zones on the geo-political level. Do not forget that Al Qaeda was trained and funded by US imperialism to fight Soviet social-imperialism during the invasion of Afghanistan.


After the withdrawal of Soviet troops, the war between warlords would provoke the intervention of the Taliban, which served as an excuse for US imperialism and its allies to intervene directly, not having been able to impose its sustainable watchdogs. Imperialism then occupied the country in a coalition of twenty countries including French and German imperialism and set up a puppet state, army and police. This did not prevent the Taliban from remaining their partial withdrawal. Daech is now trying to impose itself in Afghanistan. The attack against the World Trade Center in 2001 would allow Bush whose family and friends are among the oil and arms trade magnates into Iraq, which was accused of possessing weapons of mass destruction.


According to US officials, Iraq was part of the “axis of evil”, and war was declared on behalf of the “clash of civilizations”. This new intervention was only an excuse in the name of democracy and freedom, to physically remove Saddam Hussein to set up a puppet state protected by the US military occupation. This Iraqi government excluded and marginalized the Sunni clan of the former dictator in favor of Shiites. This caused resentment and promoted the rise of religious fundamentalism, then the rise of Daech which was officially affiliated with Al Qaeda and which merged with the Al Nusra Front before cutting ties with Al Qaeda during its expansion into Syria. A part of the Al Nusra Front will then ready allegiance to Al Qaeda. The support of the imperialist for Al Nusra, used by Daech to obtain weapons, was thinly veiled. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs noted on January 28, 2013 that “on the ground, they [Al Nusra] do a good job.”


From the point of view of the imperialists, the wave of revolts in the Arab countries of the 2010s, allowed them to reshuffle the cards and put up new watchdogs. Thus, in Libya, the opportunity was open for the imperialists to attack Gaddafi. It was French imperialism which took responsibility for this, bombing Gaddafi’s positions. 40 tons of weapons were delivered by French imperialism to the rebels, groups of whom were close or directly affiliated to Al Qaeda. Ironically, Jean-Yves Le Drian, then defense minister, defended the intervention and the arms deliveries as fight against jihadism! After the liquidation of Gaddafi, as in Afghanistan,cliques of warlords stood up each against each others, causing widespread chaos, which allowed many groups affiliated to al Qaeda (or not) to arm themselves with the dislocated stocks of the old regime with the help of international traffickers linked to the arms industry.


Some of these groups, such as Boko Haram, have subsequently joined Daech. French imperialism subsequently intervened against Bashar al-Assad in Syria, who suppressed the people’s revolt with extreme violence. The revolt was quickly recuperated by various local lords armed by the imperialists, hoping to make their new watchdogs. The Free Syrian Army (which initially gathered sections of the secular opposition but quickly allied with Islamist groups) and the Al Nusra Front in particular, increased the local arsenal of “rebels” supported by the imperialists, an arsenal which gave Daech even more fuel. On the other hand, French imperialism supports many states who themselves support Daech by various means, including logistically and economically, Erdogan’s Turkey first of all. No state admits this officially but the evidence is extensive. Dominique de Villepin, former prime minister, said in September 2014 on France 2: “Let us realize that the Islamic state, Daech, was largely created by us, from war to war. ”



Daech strategy is very different from that of Al Qaeda, who practice a kind of foco war, in the form of armed actions in various countries and regions. Daech has a political project: the creation of a caliphate overwhelming existing borders in the Muslim world, crushing national minorities and other religions, including Shia Islam. Taking advantage of the chaos and appearing as radical and determined, Daech rallied former officers and soldiers of Saddam Hussein and Sunni scholars opposed to the Syrian regime and seized arms of disorganized armies, delivered by the imperialist powers to Iraq. Daech was able to build an armed force and conquer territories in Syria and northern Iraq. In this territories, there is not only a military occupation of the conquered land or elimination of the Shiite enemy, Christian and other minorities, but organization of the conquered territory, to establish a state. Through this, oil facilities, the sale of works of art, archaeological treasures, etc., Daech accumulated a war chest to pay his soldiers and officers, and to levy taxes.


Daech entrusts the management of current business to elites or to ruling classes, by giving them non-sovereign positions. Every aspect of life is governed by the rule established by Daech, opponents are brutally repressed. The imperialist schemes, even those of the coalition, will not overcome Daech since by striking civilians, they bring new forces to Daech. The coalition of imperialist powers, those engaged on the field, those of France, the United States, Russia and others like Turkey more concerned to fight against the Kurds than against Daech, are also executioners of the people and will eventually give a false anti-imperialist mystique to Daech. The establishment of a joint command will not change anything.


Imperialism seeks a way out of the situation it has itself created to establish a new puppet. While the Russian and Chinese imperialists see their interests represented by Bashar al-Assad, the US imperialists and the French want a puppet government formed out of the Free Syrian Army. The inter-imperialist tensions are reaching an unprecedented scale and leading to the risk of a generalized inter-imperialist conflict. We Maoists, we do not forget that a spark can set fire to the prairie.



Daech’s tactics are not only the destabilization of the countries in the Middle East and Africa, but also destabilizing the imperialist countries, organizing terrorist attacks, based on contradictions among the people. The ideological vacuum created by the restoration of capitalism and the transformation of Communist parties into reformist parties without revolutionary perspective has left the field open to nationalist ideologies and penetration of Daech among a small minority of youth who reject this system but find themselves lost without political perspective. These youth is used by Daech as cannon fodder for the reign of new exploiters and oppressors who hide their class nature.


The attacks that hit the civilian population of the imperialist countries strengthen the police state and the militarization of society with the establishment of a State of Emergency, racism in particular anti-refugee and Islamophobia, acceptance of National Union behind the bourgeoisie, the division of the working class and the masses of France, … This also allows the state to pursue its plan of “reforms” in peace, that is, that is the plans to liquidate social conquests. In short, the bourgeoisie can more easily pursue its offensive against the proletariat and the masses. The Socialist Party government has implemented points of the National Front in it own program, and they answer “We knew it ! We had the solution from the beginning ! “.


The State practices the policy of dividing the working class and at the same time calls for national unity against terrorism, which means for new military aggression. While brandishing the threat of terrorism of which it is the source, it targets a scapegoat, the refugees fleeing their country under the weight of poverty and of war. The governments of right and left are the creators of unemployment, which allows them to lower wages. The parties supposed to represent workers are reformist parties and have no program, no revolutionary strategy.


They also rallied to the National Unity project which aims to get everyone, as if there were no social classes, all behind the flag to prepare for war. Its much like the months before the first world war. Together they voted for the restriction of freedoms, the reenforcement of the police and the militarization of society. The three month State of Emergency is barely discussed before the vote is made to extend it. A curfew was imposed in Sens! Already searches occur everywhere, affecting people who either have done nothing or are anarchists or revolutionary activists.


Sentences of house arrest fall to “prevent” the militants’ “reach to state security “! Attacks and bombing against Muslims, Jews and immigrants perpetrated by Nazi and fascist groups multiply. In the course of searchs, cops also destroy places of worship as they have done in Aubervilliers. All this brings water to the mill of fascism and the Hollande government is responsible, along with others for to its continual rise. If the fascist party came to government, there would be no need for new laws to muzzle dissent: the legal arsenal, watchdogs and climate are already prepared.



The call of the Rojava International Brigades which we we must support and make known, is a source of inspiration for us in the struggle against imperialism, against the bourgeois state and parties running this state and against the fascists. The International Brigade is composed of combatants from several countries, from communist and revolutionary organizations fighting against the fascist regime of Erdogan who wages war more against the PKK and the revolutionaries of Turkey and Kurdistan than against Daech. The struggle of the IBL and more generally of YPG shows us the path of struggle against Daech. It’s the anti-imperialist struggle, the revolutionary struggle, with the aim of building a new society.


This is this alternative that we must put forward to counter the imperialist propaganda to join the French Army in the fight against terrorism. Their war is an unjust war because it is led to take control of raw materials, labor and strategic zones to ensure a the rate of profit of the monopolies. The struggle of the IBL and YPG is a just war because it aims to free the people and build a new society. Even after Daech is expelled, the fight will continue on the path of revolution. Otherwise, it will be for the benefit of the imperialists and their watchdogs.


The role of the Maoists is firstly to bring together whatever their origin, the working men and women of all nationalities, immigrants with or without papers, youth and women who have a primary role in the revolutionary struggle against patriarchy, obscurantism and fascism. We must reject national unity imposed by the bourgeois state. Maoist Communists must learn from the Rojava International Brigade which is a first step in building an anti-imperialist and anti-fascist revolutionary front. The working class and its children should not put their destiny, their lives in the hands of the police and militarized state or follow the fascists, nor be used as cannon fodder for one or the other. It is in this sense that in factories, workplaces, professional schools, the CFA, the poor suburbs we must join forces against racism, fascism and all reactionaries.


These are our support bases. We’re not afraid to fight, but we do not fight for a cause that is not that of the proletariat and the masses. We will fight in a just war, that of the people against their exploiters and oppressors: the people’s war. This people’s war is the one that must be conducted in all countries to end imperialism and fascism. To lead the people’s war, three instruments are indispensable: the Party, the United Front and Fighting Force. We therefore position ourselves in the line of Comrades from India, the Philippines, Peru, Turkey and other countries that are implementing or preparing people’s war. We also position ourselves to support the International Brigades struggling against imperialism and Daech, weapons in hand, relying primarily on their own strength.


It is the time for the construction of these three instruments of the revolution!


Only the proletariat,the organized popular masses can achieve a proletarian revolution !







Translation from Signalfire

Rojava: the fight against Daech involves the struggle against imperialism!
Rojava: the fight against Daech involves the struggle against imperialism!
Rojava: the fight against Daech involves the struggle against imperialism!
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1 décembre 2015 2 01 /12 /décembre /2015 23:44
Success of the international meeting for the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues

Version française ici / French version here.


On Saturday, November 21 an international meeting was held and organized by the Bloc Rouge (unification Maoist) and the Maoist Communist Party - Italy : "From the revolt of the banlieues to the proletarian revolution! " in Aubervilliers on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues that began in November 2005. This meeting was held under very difficult circumstances.


First, there was police pressure for the meeting to not happen, this was accompanied by the harassment of our comrades in Aubervilliers. With the declaration of the State of Emergency after the November 13 Massacre, the situation became even more difficult. We were forced to change locations, despite the original location already having been advertised (hundreds of posters pasted, thousands of leaflets distributed ...).


All of this did not deter the meeting from happening, and it was a success! Despite the change of venue, the new hall was full, and all statements of comrades from other countries were read. All statements and messages will be grouped together in a booklet which will be published in French, Italian and English.


The conclusion focused on the importance that this meeting is not an event, but on the contrary, it is a process that must be continued and extended. This should mark the will to further engage in the poor suburbs that have importance in the question of the people's war in the imperialist countries.


Bloc Rouge (Maoist Unification)


Success of the international meeting in Paris for the 10th anniversary of the revolt in the banlieues


In a Paris, under the state of emergency, the Maoists from different countries of Europe, with the support of the Maoists parties and organisations of the countries oppressed by imperialism and the attendance of other anti-imperialist forces, held a revolutionary meeting, challenging the situation which emerged in Paris following the reactionary Daech attacks of 15th of November.


In a militant and combative atmosphere, the revolt of the proletarian and people’s youth in the banlieues in 2005 has been saluted, analyzed and re-launched in its historical significance.


It has been said loud and clear that the Maoists are against the imperialist wars of aggression in Middle East, against the state of emergency in France and other imperialist countries and they are on the side of the youth and the popular masses of the banlieues in Paris.


The participating forces stated they are ready to take up their responsibility to fight the imperialists and their wars, support all anti-imperialist popular struggles and assert the universality of people’s war.


The booklet of the meeting, with all speeches, will be published in the coming weeks in English French and Italian, so to allow all revolutionary, anti-imperialist, communist and Maoist forces to continue the discussion, along with their revolutionary practice.


Information by PCm Italie
Novembre 2015


Translation from Signalfire

Success of the international meeting for the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues
Success of the international meeting for the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues
Success of the international meeting for the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues
Success of the international meeting for the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues
Success of the international meeting for the 10th anniversary of the revolt of the banlieues
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29 novembre 2015 7 29 /11 /novembre /2015 21:25
Etat d'Urgence, arme de répression ! / The State of Emergency, a weapon of repression !

Nous en avions déjà parlé et les faits nous donnent raison, l’État d'Urgence n'est pas contre le « terrorisme » mais contre toutes celles et ceux qui s'opposent à l’État capitaliste.


Les manifestations sont toujours interdites en Ile-de-France, le gouvernement parle déjà de prolonger l’État d'Urgence voté par les parlementaires du Front de Gauche au Front National, plusieurs dizaines de militants et militantes subissent des assignations à résidence dans le cadre de l’État d'Urgence, des squats ont été délogés de force, les flics nous crachent à la gueule « qu'il n'y a plus de lois »,…


Cet après-midi, pour la deuxième fois, l’État d'Urgence était bravé à Paris. Cette fois par plusieurs milliers de personnes. Les flics ont fait leur sale boulot et ont réprimé la manifestation interdite.


Ce sont officiellement 341 interpellations et 317 gardes à vue. Cazeneuve a promis d'être d'une « extrême fermeté ».


Nous appelons à la solidarité avec tous et toutes les interpellés et les gardés à vue !


Continuons à braver l’État d'Urgence qui n'est qu'un outil pour museler la contestation !


Osons lutter, osons vaincre !


We have already said it and the facts prove us right, the State of Emergency is not against "terrorism" but against all who oppose the capitalist state.


Protests are still banned in Ile-de-France, the government is already talking of extending the State of Emergency voted by parliamentarians from Front de Gauche to Front National, several dozen activists are under house arrest because of the State of Emergency, squats have been evicted by force, cops spit "there are no more laws", ...


This afternoon, the second time, the State of Emergency was braved in Paris. This time by several thousand people. The cops did their dirty work and suppressed the banned demonstration. These are officially 341 arrests and 317 in police custody. Cazeneuve promised "extreme firmness".


We call for solidarity with all arrested and held in custody!


Continue to defy the State of Emergency which is only a tool to muzzle dissent!


Dare to struggle, dare to win!



Etat d'Urgence, arme de répression ! / The State of Emergency, a weapon of repression !
Etat d'Urgence, arme de répression ! / The State of Emergency, a weapon of repression !
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19 novembre 2015 4 19 /11 /novembre /2015 16:34
Revolt of the banlieues: response to OCML-VP and "Les Matérialistes"

You can find Partisan Magazine's article here, the relevant part is "Revolts and riots are not revolution." You can find the piece by "Les Matérialistes" here.


Recently Bloc Rouge (Maoist Unification) has been criticized ideologically on the question of the suburban revolts almost simultaneously by two organizations: OCML-VP and Les Matérialistes (old website "Voie Lactée"). It seems important to answer these criticisms and the way they were brought for two reasons :

-to refute the falsehoods that can be found in both texts and clearly reaffirm our line on the question of the revolt of the suburbs and Protracted People's War.


Let's focus first on the criticism from the OCML-VP who appeared in an article in the latest issue of Partisan Magazine (you can view the entire article here). First on the form: the polemic is conducted through a magazine without informing us and the provocations are numerous: we note the quotation marks on "Maoists" and "our" that tends to give a patronizing tone, PCmF is qualified as anecdotal ... From there we have to raise the level to overcome the sterile debate that the OCML-VP wants to launch and proceed to the real ideological issues. We will not play with words, will not truncate quotes and we will concentrate on the substance of the matter: that of revolutionary strategy, the role of suburbs in it and the meaning of the revolt of suburbs for revolutionaries.


Firstly, the quotes are truncated and constructed from several sentences, in short, a risky and malicious craft which seeks to distort and erase the meaning of the discourse so targeted. It is ironic that an organization claiming to be Maoist makes use of this method: it was the typical method of Enver Hoxha to attack Mao distorting his words one by one in his book Imperialism and Revolution. We invite you to read the brochure in question, "The People's War in the imperialist countries" which is an outline drafted by the PCmF in 2008 on the issue of the preconditions of the People's War in France.


The OCML-VP would like us to believe that we confuse revolts (and not "riots" as their article asserts) and revolution, that we are blind to the qualitative leap that has to be made from one to the other. This accusation is ridiculous and baseless, and what OCML-VP is in fact criticizing is that we said loudly and clearly at that time that it was necessary for communists to go to the suburbs, to be on the side of the proletarian youth in revolt against the police and the bourgeois state, in short, to fully support the revolt ...


What OCML-VP seeks to attack it is position that the revolt of 2005 suburbs played a role of exposure : it showed the lack of work by so-called revolutionary in poor suburbs while showing that these suburbs have great capacity for revolt. And that is why we say that this revolt is part of the premises of the People's War in France: it is an essential element to be taken into account in the development of a revolutionary strategy in the French state.


The OCML-VP has always rejected the people's war strategy and the Leninist conception of the party. Thus in the 2000s, it is important to remember that the OCML-VP called on us to vote for the Trotskyist Lutte Ouvrière and previously it had advised voting for Mitterrand ! By postponing the revolutionary perspective indefinitely, the OCML-VP has systematically strayed into opportunist and reformist tendencies : it is what necessarily happens when you imagine the revolution as a remote "Grand Soir" cut off from the reality of today. The strategy of People's War breaks with this misconception of a distant insurgency following a peaceful buildup of strength to assert among other things the protracted character of the revolution and the need to carry it out with three instruments: the Party, the Front and the Red Army.


This rejection of People's War by the OCML-VP is pushed to its climax in the resolutions of their last conference (published in late November 2014 here: http://www.vp-partisan.org/article1375.html). In these resolutions on support for People's Wars in India and in the Philippines, OCML-VP speaks of "armed struggle with a revolutionary political program" to avoid the term Protracted People's War and deny the qualitative differences with simple revolutionary armed struggle, it denies the strategic aspect of the People's War developed by Mao Zedong: "Therefore support for revolutionary armed struggles in oppressed countries like the Philippines and India, which are armed struggles with a revolutionary political program, is a political line of demarcation between the organizations claiming communism. ". It is not support for the People's War in India and in the Philippines which constitutes a demarcation between the organizations claiming communism but the strategy of people's war! The support for People's War by OCML-VP is also very eclectic, we are facing a very opportunist practice : even when in Paris a united campaign to support the People's War emerged, led by the CRI ( Red Internationalist Collective for the Defense of Political Prisoners), the OCML-VP preferred to go it alone and prepare to launch its own campaign while still operating within the CRI.


It is also important to note that these resolutions do not contain any real analysis of French imperialism and how to lead the fight against it. In the same vein we find no analysis of the rise of fascism today. How can a communist organization have a Congress without devoting an important part to the question of French imperialism and the rise of fascism today ?


Here is the substance of the criticism of OCML-VP: a denial of the importance of the revolt of the suburbs for communists in France, a negation of the role of suburbs in the revolutionary process and a denial of the strategy of the People's War. We are indeed opposed to the OCML-VP on every point.


Now, about the website "Les Matérialistes". For several reasons we will be brief in discussing their article: Les Matérialistes have no practice and only exist virtually, and this website now has an openly chauvinist and reactionary line (exaltation of the "Charlie Spirit", asserting that sex workers should be put in in re-education camps and other foulness ...).


In it article, Les Matérialistes, begin by greatly falsifying the history of the PCmF: it never rejected the People's War and it never rejected the experience of Gauche Prolétarienne. Our support to the People's Wars is historical, it dates back to the People's War in Peru, the PCmF is also historically the only communist organization to advocate the strategy of People's War in the French state.


Regarding our position on the Gauche Prolétarienne,It is very clear: the positive aspects of the Maoists in the years following 68 in France have always been emphasized by us and the fact that our newspaper is called La Cause du Peuple is not insignificant: "The CdP is a newspaper serving the struggles of the people. It was first promoted by the Gauche Prolétarienne, a Maoist organization after the movement of May 1968. This organization was the most combative of that time. We decided to highlight the CdP to give voice to all the exploited and oppressed, from the perspective of the emancipation of the proletariat and the conquest of power by the workers of our country, alongside the exploited and oppressed of the whole world.".


We invite all those interested in learning more on the position of the Bloc Rouge (Maoist Unification) about the revolt of the suburbs to come to the meeting that we organize with our comrades of the Maoist Communist Party - Italy this Saturday, from 15:00, 95 Boulevard Felix Faure, 93300 Aubervilliers. (see the call).

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15 novembre 2015 7 15 /11 /novembre /2015 19:13

The statement of Bloc Rouge translated in english, from Democracy and class struggle : http://democracyandclasstruggle.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/france-bloc-rouge-maoist-unification-on.html

New attacks hit Paris. This time it was done on a grand scale, with coordination and multiple operating modes, up to the suicide bombing.


Targets were also multiple. Unlike the attack against Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher in January, this time targets were less symbolic, more general and wanted to strike the entire population, except the attack in the Stade de France where the target could have been Francois Hollande.


The attack is claimed by ISIS.


We condemn these attacks, as we condemned the attacks in January.


But we will not shout with wolves, any more than we did in January.


We place ourselves once again on people's side, victim of attacks whose leaders are primarily the imperialists.


The different imperialist plunder the world, sowing misery, causing conflicts between people using the ethnic, religious, cultural, etc. differences between peoples. They intervene militarily, directly or indirectly, overtly and covertly. They do all this for the pillaging of raw resources, the exploitation of "cheap" labor, the establishment of local watchdogs and control of strategic areas.


In recent years, the French state is one of the most aggressive imperialism, with several external interventions of different kind: Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali (transformed into a military operation ranging from Mauritania to Chad in the Sahel region), Ivory Coast , Central African Republic, Libya, Syria, ...


It was France who armed the worst reactionaries who claim to fight for Islam in Syria ! Let us don't forget the state propaganda led by the Socialist Party against Bashar Al Assad, comprador bourgeois serving Russian and Chinese imperialists.


France has armed the Free Syrian Army to overthrow him. The FSA was a breeding ground of the worst religious reactionaries, including Al Nusra Front, one of the worst executioner of the Syrian people. These weapons have ended up in the hands of ISIS with those recovered in Iraq mainly provided by the United States and in Libya by France !


On the other hand, the imperialists are enriched through major arms sales worldwide, weapons that eventually end up in the hands of groups such as ISIS in countries which the imperialists have destabilized.


These interventions are all in the name of "democracy", the "human rights", etc. But each time, it is primarily to defend the interests of French imperialism.


These interventions have reinforced, directly or indirectly, jihadist groups affiliated with al-Qaida or ISIS (more recently). And then the destabilization caused by the interference and imperialist interventions themselves serve as a pretext for interference and other interventions.

The imperialists are pyromaniac firefighters! They burn their fingers with the fire they have lit themselves!


And as always, it is the people of the world who pay the bills.


They are the ones responsible for these attacks! ISIS and other reactionary groups would not exist if the imperialists do not sowed chaos across the planet!


Now Hollande declared the Emergency State and called the army as reinforcements.


One hears that France is at war. Yes, France is at war, and this is not new! Too many people around the world know it, to their cost.


Our fears following the attacks are several.


Firstly, we fear that the anti-immigrant climate and particularly anti-Muslim and anti-refugees will increase. The fascists of all stripes based on an oversimplification of reality and concealing imperialist oppression and exploitation will push further their propaganda and their attacks. The division within the proletariat and the masses may strengthen. This enhances the possibilities for reactionary mass mobilization, targeting a part of the population as scapegoats.


Then, we fear that the Emergency State allows the state to permanently restrict democratic freedoms such as the right to assembly and demonstration. This is already the case in Paris. We fear a strengthening of the police state under the catchphrase "It's for your safety."


Finally, therefore, we are concerned that these phenomena facilitate access to power of an even more reactionary fringe, maybe even fascist, of the bourgeoisie. It is a possibility much more dangerous than further attacks.


We must see clearly the dynamics that take place behind these attacks. We must appoint the imperialists who seek to reshare the world as those responsible for these attacks.


The only answer is that we must develop the revolutionary struggle to bring down the system who sows misery, war, barbarism, death around the world!


Since last January, we affirm:

No national unity behind the bourgeois republic instigators of wars and misery!

Do not yield to fascist propaganda that exploits barbarism to the account of the bosses!

Let us denounce the reactionary religious criminals that serve to weaken our struggles, to divide the people and to spread dangerous feudal ideas among the masses!

Solidarity with Muslim masses who will again suffer Islamophobic wave after these attacks!

Let us close ranks around the working class, last bastion against fascism!

On attacks in Paris region (english)
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10 janvier 2015 6 10 /01 /janvier /2015 18:45
Killing Charlie Hebdo: face all the reactionaries with revolutionary unity! / La masacre en Charlie Hebdo ¡Frente a todos los reaccionarios, unidad revolucionaria! / Attentato a Charlie Hebdo: Di fronte a tutti i reazionari, unità rivoluzionaria!

Killing Charlie Hebdo: face all the reactionaries with revolutionary unity!

Today, January 7, 2015 in the morning, two armed persons entered offices of Charlie Hebdo with Kalashnikov's to murder the people present in the premises.

Several journalists and cartoonists are murdered, and a worker or an innocent worker responsible for the maintenance of the building. In total the media announce 12 victims.


According to the information we have at this time, the attack against Charlie Hebdo was performed by religious reactionaries acting in the name of Islam, many suggest the videos suspect, even though we can not exclude a manipulation.

In all cases, we strongly condemn the religious reaction, they massacre in Kobané, it is an excuse for the colonization of Palestine, or that through the streets in France to fight against gay marriage.

We know that religious institutions are reactionary forces that have always served the interests of the powerful.


Faced with social deprivation, racism and the weakness of the revolutionary camp, many people in revolt and disillusioned by this company are seeking a violent response or not in religion. However, we must not decieved  The exploitation and oppression are material realities fruits of an economic system operating according to the law of maximum profit.

It is the bourgeoisie that creates misery and nobody else. We must not wait for a solution - the only solution is for  workers to take power.

Following the crimes committed today, there have been many reactions, many of indignation which is a good thing, however, an act barbaric and unjustifiable it is, must in no case to embark a dead outcome.


No, it does not exist in France a great national unity behind the republican valuesthat transcend the classroom. This is even more true that the bourgeoisie in power has a responsibility in the times we live in. French imperialism, exploiting the peoples of the world and military intervention in countries of the Middle East is responsible for the misery of the people who live there. France  also played a dangerous game by supporting certain groups in the inter-imperialist confrontation that took place on Syrian soil, or by arming the people it claims to be fighting in Libya. All this has engrainé hatred against France symbol of oppression and led to the army action. It is the imperialists who create the terrorists!


Added to this is the prevailing racism and the rise of fascist forces in France. It is certainly right to revolt against this racism and fascism but this anger can been exploited by reactionary feudal forces.

Charlie Hebdo is now targeted by the attack is not innocent in this matter. Like all French media, it participated in the rise of Islamophobia in France by putting fuel on the fire when the so-called "debate on national identity" in Islamophobic terns.

To do  this in the name of freedom of the press is to put the entire Muslim community or persons treated in danger from racist attacks. However, no more attacks that racism is justifiable. The daily racism is used to divide the class and undermine social peace. We are not fighting in the name of any religion but on behalf of our class, multicultural and international working class. Those who seek to divide us, whether religious or political, are criminals.


Faced with the attack against Charlie Hebdo, it is certain that we will hear the wolves howl. The National Front and reactionaries will take advantage of this crime to accent a bit more their racist campaign and seek to play on the righteous indignation feelings to penetrate his fascist ideas in the masses.

Marine Le Pen announced that she had to "liberate our word against the Islamic fundamentalism", which sounds in his mouth as "free speech against Muslims" after countless racist campaigns, xenophobic and anti-Muslim her party has shown.

We must redouble our antifascist vigilance  because there was a safe bet that the fascists will try to seize this event to deepen their reactionary mobilization in a climate where a rally under the slogan "Islamists out of France" .

Republican resistance and supported by the fascists of the Jewish Defense League had already been called on 18 January in Paris, based on the similar movement Pegida in Germany, taking the slogan of neo -nazis ...; where the fascists want to organize Lyon announced themselves response; where "intellectuals" as Finkielkraut, Zemmour and other Houellebecq

We use speech in prime time reminding our old dark years before the second world war; where the PS government, pursuing racist policies of the previous government and the policies guaranteeing the bourgeoisie profits based on the ever-increasing exploitation of the workers, hollow bed of fascism; and where the various parties, organizations and -fn fascist groups in head- continue their development.


So we need to increase our vigilance and anti-fascist oppose their maneuvers,because once again the facists act their their goal is to divide us, to submit to the capitalist order, the dictates of big business. It is fair to dismiss religious feudalism, it's just being outraged by these crimes, but fascism is as criminal and Islamophobic are reactionary barbaric, as much as the terrorists who fired on Charlie Hebdo.

However, the fascists are more dangerous because they are placed as a strategic proposal for the bourgeoisie in its struggle against the proletariat. The example of struggle against religious feudalism that should inspireus is that we show our Communist comrades Kobané alongside Kurdish fighters and fighting, demonstrating what is ultimately the struggle against the feudal reactionary religious: the revolutionary struggle! On the other hand, we must not confuse the religious sentiment of the masses and the fascists who rely on this feeling to establish their domination over the people.


Our watchwords must be:

No national unity behind the bourgeois republic makers of wars and misery!

Do not give in to the fascist propaganda that exploits barbarism to the account of the employers!

Denounce the criminal reactionary religious who serve to weaken our struggles to divide the people and spread dangerous feudal ideas among the masses!

Solidarity with Muslim masses that go back undergo Islamophobic wave after this attack!

Crowd together around the working class, the only bulwark against all the barbarities!








Red Block (maoist unification) - Bloc Rouge (Unification des maoïstes)



La masacre en Charlie Hebdo
¡Frente a todos los reaccionarios, unidad revolucionaria!


Hoy 7 de enero de 2015 por la mañana, dos personas armadas entraron en la redacción de la revista Charlie Hebdo y dispararon con kalashnikov contra las personas presentes en el local. Varios periodistas y caricaturistas han sido asesinados, al igual que una trabajadora o un trabajador inocente encargado del mantenimiento del edificio. En total, los medios de comunicación anuncian 12 víctimas.

De acuerdo con la información de que disponemos en este momento, el ataque contra Charlie Hebdo fue realizado por los reaccionarios religiosos que actúan en nombre del Islam. Muchos videos hacen pensar lo mismo aunque no se puede excluir una manipulación.

En todo caso, condenamos enérgicamente la reacción religiosa, ya sea la masacre en Kobané, que es un pretexto para la colonización de Palestina, o que se desplaza a las calles de Francia para luchar en contra del matrimonio gay. Sabemos que las instituciones religiosas son fuerzas reaccionarias que siempre han servido a los intereses de los poderosos.

Frente a la miseria social, el racismo y la debilidad del campo revolucionario, muchas personas que se rebelan y desilusionadas por esta sociedad están buscando una respuesta en la religión, ya sea violenta o no. Sin embargo, ésta no debe engañarnos ni ser la solución.. La explotación y la opresión son realidades materiales fruto de un sistema económico que funciona de acuerdo a la ley del máximo beneficio. Es la burguesía que crea la miseria y nadie más. No debemos esperar que la solución llegue además debido a la explotación. La única solución es por parte de que los que hacen marchar la sociedad, es decir, los trabajadores y trabajadoras, tomando el poder.

A raíz de los crímenes cometidos hoy, ha habido muchas reacciones, muchas de indignación que es una buena cosa. Sin embargo, un acto bárbaro e injustificable como este, en ningún caso nos debe conducir a un callejón sin salida.

No, no existe en Francia una gran unidad nacional detrás de los valores republicanos que trascienden en las aulas. Esto es aún más cierto que la burguesía en el poder tiene una responsabilidad en los tiempos en que vivimos. El imperialismo francés, explotando a los pueblos del mundo e interviniendo militarmente en los países de Oriente Medio, es el responsable de la miseria de la gente que vive allí. Ella también jugó un juego peligroso apoyando a ciertos grupos en la confrontación interimperialista que tuvo lugar sobre el suelo sirio, o por armar a los mismos a los que pretende combatir en Libia. Todo esto ha engendrado el odio contra Francia, símbolo de la opresión, y ha llevado a la acción armada. ¡Son los imperialistas quienes crean a los terroristas!

A esto se suma el racismo imperante y el aumento de las fuerzas fascistas en Francia. Es ciertamente justo rebelarse contra este racismo y el fascismo, pero ésta cólera puede ser instrumentalizada por las fuerzas feudales reaccionarias. Charlie Hebdo, que ha sido hoy objeto del ataque, no es inocente en este asunto. Como todos los medios de comunicación franceses, ha participado en el aumento de la islamofobia en Francia, echando leña al fuego en el momento del llamado “debate sobre la identidad nacional” en un carácter islamófobo. Hacer esto en nombre de la libertad de la prensa es poner en peligro de agresiones racistas a toda la comunidad musulmana o personas asimiladas. Sin embargo, el ataque, ni en mayor medida que el racismo, no es justificable. El racismo alimentado diariamente se utiliza para dividir a la clase y mantener la paz social. Nosotros no combatimos en nombre de ninguna religión sino en nombre de nuestra clase, la clase obrera multicultural e internacional. Los que intenten dividirnos, ya sea a través de la religión o la política, son criminales.

Frente el ataque contra Charlie Hebdo, lo cierto es que vamos a escuchar a los lobos aullar. El Frente Nacional y los reaccionarios se aprovecharán de este crimen para acentuar un poco más su campaña racista y tratar de jugar con los sentimientos de justa indignación para hacer penetrar sus ideas fascistas en las masas. La caza por la fisonomía por parte de la policía se intensificará. Marine Le Pen ha anunciado que ha tenido que “liberar nuestra palabra frente al fundamentalismo islámico”, que suena en su boca como “libertad de expresión contra los musulmanes”, después de innumerables campañas racistas, xenófobas y antimusulmanas que su partido ha llevado a cabo. Debemos redoblar nuestra vigilancia antifascista. Existe una apuesta segura que los fascistas tratarán de aprovechar este suceso para profundizar su movilización reaccionaria en un clima donde una manifestación bajo el lema “Islamistas fuera de Francia” a la llamada de Respuesta Laica y Resistencia Republicana y con el apoyo de los fascistas de la Liga de Defensa Judía ya había sido convocada el 18 de enero en París, en base al movimiento similar Pegida en Alemania, tomando el lema de los neonazis …; o los fascistas de Lyon anuncian querer organizar la respuesta por ellos mismos; o de los “intelectuales” como Finkielkraut, Zemmour y otros Houellebecq nos obsequian con discursos en hora de máxima audiencia recordando a nuestros mayores los años sombríos antes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial; o el gobierno del PS continuando las políticas racistas del Gobierno anterior y las políticas que garanticen a la burguesía sus beneficios sobre la base de la creciente explotación de los trabajadores, abriéndole el terreno al fascismo; y donde los diferentes partidos, organizaciones y grupos fascistas –con el FN a la cabeza- prosiguen su desarrollo.

Así que tenemos que aumentar nuestra vigilancia antifascista y debemos oponernos a sus maniobras, porque una vez más los fascistas actúan con plena conciencia, su objetivo es dividirnos, para someternos al orden capitalista, al dictado de la patronal. Es justo rechazar el feudalismo religioso; es justo estar indignado por estos crímenes, pero el fascismo es igual de criminal y los islamófobos son bárbaros reaccionarios, tanto como los terroristas que dispararon contra Charlie Hebdo. Sin embargo, los fascistas son más peligrosos porque se colocan como una propuesta estratégica para la burguesía en su lucha contra el proletariado. El ejemplo de la lucha contra el feudalismo religioso que debe inspirarnos es el que nos muestran nuestros camaradas comunistas en Kobané junto a los hombres y mujeres combatientes kurdos, demostrando lo que es en última instancia, la lucha contra los reaccionarios religiosos feudales: ¡la lucha revolucionaria! Por otro lado, no hay que confundir entre el sentimiento religioso de las masas y los fascistas que se apoyan en este sentimiento para establecer su dominio sobre el pueblo.

Nuestras consignas deben ser:

¡Ninguna unión nacional tras la república de los burgueses fabricantes de guerras y de miseria!


¡No ceder a la propaganda fascista que instrumentaliza la barbarie por cuenta de la patronal!


¡Denunciemos a los reaccionarios religiosos criminales que sirven para debilitar nuestras luchas, para dividir al pueblo y propagar las peligrosas ideas feudales entre las masas populares!


¡Solidaridad con las masas populares musulmanas que van a sufrir de nuevo una oleada de islamofobia después de este ataque!


¡Cerrar filas alrededor de la clase obrera, el único baluarte frente a todas las barbaries!






Bloque Rojo (Unificación de los maoístas) - Bloc Rouge (Unification des maoïstes)


Attentato a CHARLIE HEBDO: Di fronte a tutti i reazionari, unità RIVOLUZIONARIA!

Oggi, mattino del 7 gennaio 2015, due persone armate entrano nella redazione di Charlie Hebdo e sparano con il Kalashnikov sulle persone presenti nei locali. Diversi giornalisti e fumettisti vengono uccisi, così come un lavoratore o una lavoratrice innocente responsabile della manutenzione dell'edificio. In totale i media annunciano 12 vittime.

Secondo le informazioni che abbiamo in questo momento, l'attacco contro Charlie Hebdo è stato eseguito da reazionari religiosi che agiscono in nome dell'Islam, molti video lo suggeriscono, anche se non possiamo escludere una manipolazione.

In tutti i casi, condanniamo con forza la reazione religiosa, quella che massacra a Kobané, come quella che usa il pretesto della colonizzazione della Palestina, o che sfila per le strade della Francia per la lotta contro il matrimonio omosessuale. Sappiamo che le istituzioni religiose sono forze reazionarie che hanno sempre servito gli interessi dei potenti.

Di fronte alla miseria sociale, al razzismo e alla debolezza del campo rivoluzionario, molte persone in rivolta e deluse da questa società sono alla ricerca di una risposta violenta o meno nella religione. Tuttavia, non dobbiamo ingannarci a causa della collera né rispetto alla soluzione. Lo sfruttamento e l'oppressione sono realtà materiali frutto di un sistema economico che opera secondo la legge del massimo profitto. È la borghesia che crea la miseria e nessun altro. Non dobbiamo aspettare che arrivi una soluzione anche perché davanti allo sfruttamento, l'unica soluzione è questa: coloro, che fanno andare avanti la società, vale a dire le lavoratrici e i lavoratori, devono prendere il potere.

Dopo i crimini commessi oggi, ci sono state molte reazioni, molta indignazione, che è una buona cosa, tuttavia, un atto, per quanto barbaro e ingiustificabile, non deve in alcun caso portarci verso una via senza uscita.

No, non esiste in Francia una grande unità nazionale dietro i valori repubblicani che trascenderebbero le classi. Questo è ancora più vero dato che la borghesia al potere ha la responsabilità dei momenti che stiamo vivendo. L'imperialismo francese, sfruttando i popoli del mondo e intervenendo militarmente nei paesi del Medio Oriente è responsabile della miseria delle popolazioni che vi vivono. Ha anche giocato un gioco pericoloso, sostenendo alcuni gruppi nel confronto inter-imperialista, che ha avuto luogo sul suolo siriano, o ancora armando gli stessi che che sostiene di combattere in Libia. Tutto questo ha scatenato l'odio contro la Francia simbolo di oppressione e ha portato a questa azione militare. Sono gli imperialisti che creano i terroristi!

A questo si aggiunge il razzismo imperante e l'ascesa di forze fasciste in Francia. È 'certamente giusto rivoltarsi contro questo razzismo e il fascismo, ma questa rabbia può essere strumentalizzata dalle forze feudali reazionarie. Charlie Hebdo che è stato bersaglio di questo attacco non è innocente in questa materia. Come tutti i media francesi, ha partecipato alla crescita dell'islamofobia in Francia gettando benzina sul fuoco quando c'è stato il cosiddetto "dibattito sull'identità nazionale" a carattere islamofobo. Fare questo in nome della libertà di stampa significa mettere l'intera comunità musulmana o le persone vicine in pericolo da attacchi razzisti. Tuttavia, l'attacco non è giustificabile tanto quanto il razzismo. Il razzismo alimentato quotidianamente viene utilizzato per dividere la classe e mantenere la pace sociale. Noi non stiamo combattendo in nome di una religione, ma per conto della nostra classe, la classe operaia multiculturale e internazionale. Coloro che cercano di dividerci, che siano religiosi o politici, sono criminali.

Di fronte all'attacco contro Charlie Hebdo, è certo che sentiremo i lupi ululare. Il Fronte Nazionale e i reazionari si avvarranno di questo crimine accentuando un po' di più la loro campagna razzista e cercando di giocare sui sentimenti di giusta indignazione per fare penetrare le loro idee fasciste tra le masse. La caccia alle barbe da parte della polizia si intensificherà. Marine Le Pen ha annunciato che bisogna "liberare la nostra parola contro il fondamentalismo islamico", che suona nella sua bocca come "libertà di parola contro i musulmani" dopo innumerevoli campagne razziste, xenofobe e anti-musulmane portate avanti dal suo partito. Dobbiamo raddoppiare la nostra vigilanza antifascista perché possiamo scommettere sicuramente che i fascisti cercheranno di cogliere questo evento per approfondire la loro mobilitazione reazionaria in un clima in cui una manifestazione con lo slogan "islamisti fuori della Francia", in risposta all'appello delle organizzazioni “Riposte Laïque et Résistance Républicaine” sostenuto dai fascisti della Jewish Defense League, era già stata organizzata per il 18 gennaio a Parigi, in base al simile movimento Pegida in Germania, riprendendo lo slogan dei neo -nazisti...; dove i fascisti di Lione vogliono organizzare essi stessi la risposta; dove "intellettuali", come Finkielkraut, Zemmour e altri Houellebecq ci fanno discorsi in prima serata ricordando a noi anziani gli anni bui prima della seconda guerra mondiale; dove il Ps al governo, perseguendo le politiche razziste del governo precedente e le politiche che garantiscono alla borghesia i suoi profitti sulla base del crescente sfruttamento degli operai, riempie il vuoto del fascismo; e dove i vari partiti, organizzazioni e gruppi fascisti -FN in testa- continuano a svilupparsi.

Quindi abbiamo bisogno di aumentare la nostra vigilanza anti-fascista e opporci alle loro manovre, perché ancora una volta i fascisti agiscono in piena coscienza, il loro obiettivo è quello di dividerci, di sottometterci all'ordine capitalista, al diktat dei padroni. È giusto rigettare il feudalesimo religioso, è giusto essere indignati per questi crimini, ma anche il fascismo è criminale, e gli islamofobi sono dei barbari reazionari, tanto quanto i terroristi che hanno sparato su Charlie Hebdo.Tuttavia, i fascisti sono più pericolosi perché hanno come proposizione strategica quella di metterssi al servizio della borghesia nella sua lotta contro il proletariato. L'esempio della lotta contro il feudalesimo religioso che ci deve ispirare è quello che ci mostrano i nostri compagni comunisti di Kobané al fianco delle combattenti e dei combattenti curdi, dimostrando ciò che è in ultima analisi, la lotta contro i reazionari feudali religiosi: la lotta rivoluzionaria! D'altra parte, non dobbiamo confondere il sentimento religioso delle masse e i fascisti che fanno leva su questo sentimento per affermare il loro dominio sul popolo.

Le nostre parole d'ordine devono dunque essere:

No all'unità nazionale dietro la repubblica borghese che produce guerre e miseria!

Non cedere alla propaganda fascista che sfrutta la barbarie per fare gli interessi dei padroni!

Denunciamo i reazionari religiosi criminali che servono a indebolire le nostre lotte, a dividere il popolo e diffondere le idee feudali pericolose tra le masse popolari!

Solidarietà con le masse popolari musulmane che subiranno una nuova ondata di islamofobia dopo questo attacco!

Serriamo i ranghi attorno alla classe operaia, unico baluardo contro tutte le barbarie!




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